Happy Birthday Aaryan!

Happy happy birthday Aaryan!! I still remember meeting you years ago during JAB at atlanta jaina and us becoming close almost immediately. After that every year id see you at YJA or JAINA and we continued to make so many memories. I’m so glad that board has brought us back together!! I couldn’t ask for a better friend from all these years. It’s always so amazing working with you from your dedication to yja regardless of being sick or across the world to your passion for tech and ability to get creative in how to better YJA tech for our members. You also bring such a fun energy to board whether it be funny chats over zoom or cracking jokes and roasts at bm. From JAB besties or board, can’t wait for all the mems to come. So excited to see you soon! Party hard for your bday mister!!

~ Deesha

Happy Birthday Aaryan!! Hope you have an amazing day!! Crazy that we met outside of YJA and then had the opportunity to join the board at the same time! It’s so great to know someone going into this experience but also someone to fly to board meetings with :)) Your hardworking nature and joking personality is super special and you always bring such great energy! Have the best birthday and party hard! Excited for more YJA and UMich mems!!

~ Aarvi

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARYAN miss you so much I hope you have the best day ever and can’t wait to see you soon at board meeting! Have the most QUACK-tastic birthday!! 🕺🐤

~ Vanshika

Aaryan you have such an empathetic personality, sincerity in action and words, and the ability to learn quickly. During October board meeting I remember when we split up to work on passion projects I thought no-one would wanna work on the animal rights passion project and I was afraid I’d be by myself. When you and a few others came over to work on it as well I was so so grateful and felt less alone. Also whenever there were presentations during BM or discussions during board call you listen, add valuable input, and ask good questions regardless of whether or not the discussion topic directly impacts your role. Its amazing to see how much you care about YJA overall on a high-level, and how you inspire others with well-thought questions and comments. Also all your hard work with National Dinners, GT, and Registration Launch despite sickness, travel, and everything else you had going on in your life did not go unnoticed - you picked up new tech and languages quickly, created test cases, fixed bugs, and not only helped this years board but boards for future years to come with the changes you made!

happy happy birthday hope you have the best day!

~ Rupal

Happy birthday Aaryan! Hope you have an awesome day! I'm so glad we've been able to work with each other and get closer through board recently! From JSMC MJK dances to YJA, you've been a blast to work and spend time with and you always find a way to have a good time. You make board call so much fun, and I'm superrrr excited to hang out in Orlando soon! Party hard and have the best bday :)

~ Ravi

Happy Birthday Aaryan! Hope you have an amazing day and a very successful year ahead!

I am glad that I've been able to work with you during this board year so far, and you have been exceptional in all aspects. Your hardwork during the YJA grind is amazing and your energy level shows it all.

Super excited to hang out and interact more with you during the board meeting.

Party hard and enjoy!!

~ Manav

Happy Birthday Aaryan!! Super excited to work with you this year and see your passion for technology & all the hard-work you put into helping out our YJA community! See you in Orlando soon! I hope you have the best birthday!

~ Nishi

Happy Birthday Aaryan! Hyped to see you very very soon in Orlando and make some lasting memories. Love the effort that you put into everything and the chill factor, if you will LOL, that you bring to board! Hope you have an awesome, fantastic, and amazing day with family/friends :)

~ Akshat

Happy Birthday Aaryan!!! So so glad we are on board together. Love all the energy you bring & even with your wild schedule amazed on how you do it all. Trust me I know it’s not easy to balance YJA and being on a dance team but I love seeing everything you have achieved so far. Keep being you & killing it! Can’t wait to see u soon!!

~ Madhvi

Happy Birthday to our tech guru Aaryan!!! You've done some amazing things and without your skillz we would not be where we are so far. Keep up the great work man!!!! I'm glad we got to bond during October meeting and looking forward to more memorable memories, more punjabi music bangers?? #aaryanwashere

~ Suryaraj

Happy Happy Aaryan Day!! Wooohooo! It’s crazy to have gone through pathshala, JAB, and now YJA board! I’m excited to work with you more this year! You’ve always been incredibly kind and I know that will get you very far! I know turning 21 means a lot of things and I’m sure this year is gonna bring a lot of change, but you’re gonna do so many incredible things!! Hope you have a blast today!

~ Bhuvni

Happy Birthday Aaryan!!! You have been crushing it on board this year, and I look forward to working with you more! I hope you have a wonderful year and can’t wait to meet again in Orlando! Have a blast and don’t work too hard on your big day!!

~ Kavi

Happy birthday to my board meeting partner (even though we never got to actually work together). Thank you for dealing with my dumbness during national dinner season. Hope you have a great day!

~ Salauni